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Just fuck up.

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So you couldn't stand me being away huh! only some of you little pricks passed the test- Richard youv'e been upgraded to Pleb.
Fuck fucking fuck, IM BACK!!!!!
So you all probably are dying to know where i have been, well, ill tell you, wasting time with women.
THIs is a lesson to you all, never trust women, they are the devil- wes probably died by the hands of a woman, probably his mum, your all going to die because of women. ALL WOMEN ARE TERRORISTS. All hippies need to convert to me now, cos this fucking place is starting to STINK!
Some of the more pissy of you sussed that i got a job. well yes, thats why you pricks dont deserve my time- however this is the second coming of the morri and the Grandmaster is back!!!!
fuck fuckity fuck- fuck; CUNT.
Love Old Man Morri.
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